Surveys have shown that 59 percent of women read the labels of skin care products before they buy it. About 40 percent, on the other hand, choose to go the all-natural way of beautifying themselves.

Women Want Natural Skin Care Products

Additionally, results have shown, women, as they grow older, tend to buy a different product because their skin maintenance requirement is distinct from the former needs of their skin. Second is that a good number of women go for all-natural products to keep their skin safe.

Here are some interesting statistics that support women’s habits when considering cosmetics.

• Women who are in the 35-54 age group claim that they read labels.
• About 39 percent of all women said that they are willing to buy all-natural skin care products within the coming years.
• Millennial women, based on studies, are more likely to take their wallets out and purchase a lot of all-natural skin care products in the next couple of years. In the 35-44 age brackets, 44 percent said they would go for all-natural skin products.
• Surveys have shown that skin care was the number one reason why women of all ages prefer to purchase all-natural skin care products. 54 percent of those who answered the survey said so.
• 29 percent of women will not purchase a skin care product that has sulfate in it. Sulfate draws out the moisture of the skin and leaves it dry.
• At least one woman in four claims that buying all-natural skin products is imperative because the products are excellent and keeps the skin moist.
• 17 percent of women say they are not satisfied with the amount of all-natural skin care products sold on the counters and shelves of big department stores.
• 90 percent of women say that once they hit 50 years of age, they start shifting to a different brand of products for their daily skin care.
• 24 percent of the women surveyed said that skin protection is the reason why they purchase skin care products while 20 percent stated that they just want their skin to look robust and healthy.
• Surveys show that 18 percent of women need skin care products to help them deal with some medical condition in their skin.