Mom’s role in our lives doesn’t end in birthing, but it is just a start of decades of guidance, nurturing, and occasional scolding to mold us into what we become today. Here are some moving words from Renewing Serum customer-submitted stories about why we should give thanks to our mother’s on this Mother’s Day and year around.

Mother's Day

1. Moms are our best friend. You may have your BFFs when growing up, but moms are our first allies, our cheerleaders, and our confidants.
2. Moms are our protector. A mother’s embrace is like a shield that keeps us from harm. When we were kids, a snuggle can keep monsters in the closet at bay. As adults, a mother’s hug can bring a feeling of security.
3. Moms are our stylist and fashion icon. Don’t be surprised if you are rocking that bohemian outfit, hobo bag, and suede boots. Moms fingerprints are all over our closet during childhood and it still rubs in our choice of clothing when we are of age.
4. Moms are our role model. How we think, act and perceive the things going on around us have been influenced by our moms. Our sense of justice, pride and whatever character trait may we have were heavily influenced by how we see our moms when we are growing up.

That list of four reasons on why we should love our dearest moms is just the start Definitely not enough. But one reason is more than enough to show mom how we love and appreciate what she do for us. This coming Mother’s Day, surprise mom with some wonderful gifts that she will remember and treasure. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas.

1. Spa. You can surprise and bring your mom to a day of pampering at her favorite spa. Bringing her for some ‘me’ time and pampering is surely a very fine treat for moms this Mother’s Day.
2. Youth. Gift your mom with a beauty cream, like Renewing Serum. Mom is still a young woman at heart. Help restore her confidence by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. These are just a few of the benefits of Renewing Serum.
3. Dinner. Dinner may seem like a common-place approach to Mother’s Day, but not if you go next level. Surprise your mom with a fancy dinner. Don’t be surprised to know if the last time mom and dad last went out for a nice dinner at a fine restaurant was before you were born.