Once you hit a comfortable stride in life you begin to enjoy the finer things and spend your disposable income. From being able to purchase fashionable pieces to easily being able to afford a night out partying with friends to unwind from a stressful day at work, you just have to enjoy life some times. However, with disposable income comes indulging. There’s nothing wrong with a shot of tequila here or a beer there, but watch out for excessiveness. In recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month, Renewing Serum CE wanted to share the effects of alcohol on your skin and overall health.

Alcohol awareness

Drinking alcohol is a way for people to relieve their stresses in life and work. Unfortunately, constant alcohol intake is known to be bad for a person’s overall health. From causing accidents due to high intoxication to liver problems, constant use of alcohol will result in negative side effects at some point of excessive intake. Alcohol is also known to cause some serious damage to the skin. Here are some of its effects.

• Alcohol removes moisture in the body. One may notice that after a night of alcohol binge drinking, they wake up feeling extremely parched. When a person drinks alcohol, it causes the kidneys to go on overdrive and attempt to remove all the excess water inside the body. This is why people who drink alcohol have the constant need to go on a pee break. And by the next day, the whole body is deprived of proper hydration, thus making a person feel extremely thirsty. When the internal part of the body is lacking in water, this will show externally via the skin. The skin will start to look dry and eventually make a person look older than his or her actual age. Another bad effect of alcohol to the skin is that it removes Vitamin A, thus making the skin look dull and grayish.

• Alcohol makes a person look puffy and red. During and after a serious drinking session, a lot of people tend to turn red and look puffy, particularly within the facial areas. Alcohol causes the blood vessels found in the skin to dilate which in turn, causes an increase in blood flow. If intoxication is not a common occurrence, this red and puffy appearance will soon subside. But for those who constantly drink alcohol, this can cause a permanent flushed look with some serious facial puffing. This is caused by a permanent dilation of the blood vessels and appear like spider-like veins called Ectasia. Also known as spider veins, it will normally form on the face, chest, hands, arms and even abdomen.

• Alcohol can cause Jaundice. When a person’s liver has been affected due to constant alcohol intake, the whites of the eyes and even the skin can turn yellowish in hue.

Anything taken in excess is always bad. And this definitely applies to alcohol. If you want to maintain your radiant complexion and smooth looking skin, think twice before going on an alcohol binge drinking session.