We all know mustard to be a tasty condiment. But did you know that mustard can be used to benefit your skin, too? In recognition of August 5th being National Mustard Day, let’s review some of the benefits that the skin can get from mustard oil.

Benefits of Using Mustard Oil

1. Mustard oil has been used to reduce skin infections and rashes. Mustard oil is full of properties that battle fungi and bacteria. Because of this, the oil makes your skin moist, vibrant and not itchy. Mustard oil promotes better circulation of blood with a whole body massage. The oil is an effective anti-inflammatory element and is effective against swollen spots and inner wounds.

2. Mustard oil may even out dark areas on facial skin. If you have skin that is uneven in color, some people have used mustard oil as an efficient antidote to discoloration. A face mask made with mustard oil, besan flour (chickpea flour), curd and a splash of fresh lemon juice applied to your face has been rumored to even out color.

3. Mustard oil may make your skin lighter. The combination of mustard oil and coconut extract spread on you face for about five minutes is a secret that many use to make their skin lighter. Wipe the mixture off your face with a damp cotton. The combination promotes better circulation of blood and results in a pimple free face. A full body massage results in softer skin all over.

4. Mustard oil perks up the sweat glands. Mustard oil stimulates the skins’ sweat glands and unclogs pores. Mustard oil allows body temperature to go down and expels toxins, excess salt, and water that are not needed by the body.

5. Mustard oil is great for dry lips. Mustard oil is an effective remedy for chapped lips. Just a drop or two of this excellent product before you turn in at night makes your lips moist and tender.

Who knew?!