Everyone knows how moisturizers, creams, and other concoctions could improve the skin’s complexion, elasticity and overall condition. However, there are other tools that could help you achieve a better-looking, more radiant skin. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself with a beauty tool or two and enjoy glowing skin.

pumice stone

Body Buffer Sponge

Body buffer sponges come in different types depending on which organic skin cleanser they are made from. Some are infused with bamboo charcoal while others with French Pink clay or olive oils. This product is used to exfoliate dead skin cells and make your skin glow and supple. Most body buffer sponges are used with only water. However, you could also pair them with your favorite body or face cleanser.

Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

This skin care tool might look weird, but it is effective in getting rid of blackheads and unclog pores. This Korean product is placed on the index finger. Dampen it with clean water and start massaging it to the face in circular motion. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminate blackheads, and unblock pores.

Facial Roller

Many facial rollers originate from East Asia and are loved by many Chinese cosmetologists. As the name suggests, the gadget is gently rolled up and down the facial skin. By doing so, you improve the blood circulation on your face resulting in glowing skin. The facial roller can also contour the face making it appear younger.

Face Brush

This tool works just like the buffer sponge. Use it on face in circular motions and the dead skin cells will come off revealing younger looking skin. With this, you no longer need to go for facials on a regular basis. Face brushes can be used a few times every week for softer and prevent accumulation of dead skin.

Exfoliating Gloves

If you are on a budget and do not want to splurge on body buffer sponges, exfoliating gloves are a good alternative to scrub off dead skin cells. These tools can be used while in the shower or before taking a bath. Gently scrub your entire body with it to reveal smoother skin.


An extractor is a great tool to get rid of blackheads. However, this should be used with extra care. Never use it on blackheads that are not ready to pop. Also, be sure to clean it well and sanitize it before using.

Pumice Stone

The skin on the feet is just as important as the skin on the face and body. This is when a pumice stone comes in handy. You may know by now that exfoliating is crucial to having a healthier skin and with this gadget, you can keep the feet from getting rough epidermis.

Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

This tool works just like a face brush. However, a precision pore cleansing pad is ideal for people with sensitive skin. This facial tool is made from silicone. Therefore, it is much gentler to use than those with bristles, just like the brush.