There have been a lot of misconceptions and myths about skin care; some of which have proven to do more harm than good. It is best that you do a little research first cranking out your skin care routine. Here are some truths vs myths.

Misconceptions About Skin Care

Myth #1:  Your skin should be firm after you wash or take a shower. The truth about this is that your skin needs to feel fresh and not tight. And if does not feel fresh, you might be using a skin care product that is too strong for your skin. If your skin feels firm and tight, then it must have lost some of its moisture. Rehydrating the skin is with skin care products like Renewing Serum CE is necessary.

Myth #2: Skin care products bought from drugstores are bad for your skin. Good or bad, the truth is that almost all of the skin care products sold in drugstores versus cosmetic stores have similar ingredients.

Myth #3: Instead of making one look younger, anti-aging ingredients expedites the skins’ aging process. The truth is that these anti-aging ingredients like retinoid help rejuvenate skin cells and hastens the production of collagen. To prevent negative results from happening, it is very important that the skin be conditioned for two weeks using an antioxidant before you apply a retinoid product.

Myth #4: If a skin care product doesn’t take effect instantly it doesn’t work. The truth is that a lot of skin care products take some time and continued use to start seeing the results. Some of these products take about two months to show any positive effects on your skin. Then there is the fact that the time frame of results is not the same for each person.

Myth #5: SPF has no effect on older people. There is absolutely no truth to this. No matter the age, SPF sunscreens are still a big help in filtering harmful UVB rays.

All of the truths discussed are a big consideration within your skin care rituals. A little research on skin care products and practices can go a long way to maximizing your skin care results.