Face it. We’ve all noticed some changes in our skin’s appearance whenever you experience stress. Working people notice this after their bosses pound unrealistic deadlines at us while students suffer from over-partying and under-studying during finals.


It is time to take note of the affects of such stress. Whenever someone feels the brunt of stress weighing them down, the body releases chemicals that produce hormonal imbalance which later on takes its’ toll on the appearance of the skin. Mental, physical and emotional stress makes your skin susceptible to sensitivity of the elements like heat and cold weather conditions.

Skin breakouts into a rash whenever you feel that there is something eating you up on the inside or are thinking too much about your meeting with your client the following day. The reason for this is that the human body releases the chemical called cortisol and a few other hormones that lead the skin to secrete oil. When this happens, breakouts are about to come out.

Cortisol affects the body by closing down the ability to defend itself to common ailments like cough and fever while at the same time makes the skin susceptible to allergic reactions. The worst part of it all is that stress can actually worsen any of your pre-existing skin conditions like wounds, blisters and psoriasis since the skin is deprived of the moisture it needs. Aside from these, your skin also becomes open to other skin diseases like open sores and the like.

What really happens when the outermost layer of the skin dry outs from insufficient moisture? The lack of moisture in the skin results in the breaking apart of the skin cells in the outermost part of the skin. The reason for this is that the skin cells shrink in size. This act exposes the lipids which then evaporate into thin air. More damage is caused to your skin once you scratch it from the itchiness you feel. The act of scratching might offer temporary relief, but as whole, may prove to be more of a liability.

To combat all of these stress related skin causing damage, there are some remedy and prevention methods that can be put into practice so that one can enjoy beautiful skin despite all of the stress life is giving. These are:

1. Try to get as much sleep as you can. A good eight hour sleep nightly will help your skin a lot.
2. Manage your stress level by doing something that will put you at ease like meditation or yoga.
3. Go with a regular exercise regimen. This remedies the stress in your mind by relaxing you and the physical stress you endure by building a stronger body.
4. Apply moisturizer, like Renewing Serum CE, to minimize the toll of stress. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles with Renewing Serum CE.