Did you know that daily kissing could contribute to improved health? It’s true. A kiss is more than just a simple kiss. It can provoke romantic emotions and have you floating on air in a whim. A kiss can also act as your daily vitamin -of sorts- to help keep illnesses away from you and make your body stronger.

Health benefits of Kissing

Here are some interesting facts about how kissing can influence health.

• Kissing can lower blood pressure.

• Kissing can relieve headaches. Kissing is believed to widen blood vessels, which results in the relief of pain and aches.

• Surprise, surprise. Kissing helps fight off cavities. The reason why this happens is that when you kiss, the production of your saliva is increased. The amount of saliva produced is sometimes enough to wash plaque off the surface of your teeth.

• Kissing makes you happy. The reason why this happens is that the happy hormones in your body, specifically oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are produced in increased levels when kissing. Kissing is healthy for a relationship and if your relationship is healthy that causes you to have peace of mind. And peace of mind improves mental happiness, which contributes to physical health.

• Kissing makes you more confident. Confidence at the right amount is always healthy. A higher level of self-esteem will always be good and passionate kissing contributes to this.
It goes without saying, if you have the chance to kiss your special someone, go for it and make yourself healthy.