With extreme hot weather conditions expected to prevail this summer, it is important to know how you can take care of your skin. Here are some customer-submitted skincare tips.

Skin care tips

Apply sunscreen. Too much exposure to the sun may cause wrinkles on your face, chest, and neck. If you plan on spending time outside, apply sunscreen.

Get a regular facial. Facials help condition your skin. While you may not be able to get a professional facial on a daily basis, you can give yourself mini-facials with at-home kits from the store. In the long run, this will make your skin glow and become healthier than ever.

Be mindful of the products that you use on your skin. While some creams or skin tools may look like the latest rage, prolonged exposure might do more harm than good.

Religiously wash your face. Washing your face in the morning is important for clean skin. During sleep your skin reconstructs and regenerates. While it does this, it expels toxic materials and excess oils from the inside. If these are not washed off, they might block pores and create blackheads or zits.

Three minute hang. Ever heard of the three minute hang? We hadn’t either, but a user submitted it and we found it curious. By hanging your head towards the back for just three minutes it may promote better oxygen and blood circulation.

Apply a retinol-based product on a nightly basis. Retinol-based products contribute to keeping your skin looking young and fresh. Products like Renewing Serum CE contains 0.1% retinol cell repair serum to kick-start collagen and elastin production for beautiful, firm skin.

Do not wipe while you cleanse. Wiping with a towel or cotton may cause scratches on your skin. Instead, dab.