National Pink Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd of June. It is a once a year celebration of the color pink and everything that is associated with its color.

Pink Day

Looking back at history, pink was not a common color back in the days. One of the first few records about “pink” was dated back to the 14th century when the word pink was used as a verb meaning “to decorate with a punched pattern”. Up to the Middle Ages, the color pink was still not common or even well known. Most people prefer the color red or crimson to represent nobles. It is rarely seen in fashion and art. The existence of color pink is limited only to some paintings and work of arts where it is used to depict human flesh. The name of the color pink originated from a flower of the same color.

It was in 1720’s during the Rococo Period that pink became a more dominant color. During this time, pastel colors became the trend. Famous personalities such as Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV of France started wearing pink and soon became the popular fashion colors. The dominance of the color pink in fashion and art continued up to the 19th century.

By the 20th century, the color pink is depicted as a brighter and bolder color. Gradually, pink started to be associated with girls and women rather than for boys. With this transition, pink became a representation of women not only in fashion but also in showing support in other issues such as breast cancer awareness.

National Pink Day is a reminder to all women to be proud of your femininity. Renewing Serum encourages every woman out there to celebrate this special day and embrace being the best woman that you can be.