June is National Dairy Month; a month long celebration of the benefits of dairy products in our everyday life. National Dairy Month is used to spread awareness about the dairy products that we consume.

Dairy and skin

Milk for one is a staple part of our diet. It is a good source of calcium, proteins and other nutrients that benefits our body. But then, the saying that milk is good has also its own limitations. One of the less known and less talked about effects of milk is on our skin.

In recent studies, the effects of milk in our skin has been further studied. The initial findings somehow correlate the presence of acne with the consumption of milk as a part of a daily diet. According to dieticians, it is indeed a known fact that some skin related problems can be an effect of the amount of dairy that you consume. With various clinical studies, a big correlation among people with beautiful skin and people who don’t drink milk is evident.

The reason behind the effects of milk on the skin can be connected to the hormones that are present in cows. According to studies, many cows have high amounts of hormones and insulin growth factors that somehow carried on to the milk.

If you have acne and you are an avid milk drinker, wonder what would happen if milk intake was minimized? Consult with your doctor to see how your diet may be impacting your skin’s health.