February is usually the last month of the harshest of winter weather. It is still very cold and skin is still very much prone to drying and scaling. This month of love, love your skin, too. Fight off dry, scaly and itchy skin. Here are some tips that will keep your skin supple, smooth and hydrated during February.

Cleanse the face up to twice a day

For extra dry skin, never cleanse the face more than once a day. Just cleanse the face at night and not in the morning. After a day’s work, your face will have accumulated pollutants and dirt. Therefore, it is ideal to wash in the evening instead of morning. Washing too much could eliminate the lipid layer protecting the skin, causing it to dry.

Exfoliate skin

Exfoliate once or twice a week with a gentle exfoliating scrub. When you exfoliate the skin, you clear out the dry skin and reveal a newer, more hydrated outer layer. Massage your skin gently in a circular motion then rinse using warm water.

Use gentle skin care products

It would help that you stay clear from alcohol-based skin products. Alcohol contributes to the drying of skin, therefore, opt for the mild skin care products.

using Renewing Serum

Keep your skin hydrated

This is what you have to bear in mind every day, not just during the cold months. One way of hydrating the skin is by drinking plenty of water a day. Many believe that when you hydrate the inside, your skin gets hydrated as well. Once your skin is hydrated, lock in that healthy moisture with Renewing Serum CE.

Do not enjoy shower time

Extended bath times could rid the skin off of its natural oils. If you can, limit shower time to 15 minutes or less. Likewise, the less hot the water, the less likely skin will dry.

Avoid harsh soaps

Just like hot water and showering longer, soaps can strip the skin off of its natural moisture. Non-alkaline body wash is what you need to use during February.

Use humidifiers in bedrooms

Humidifiers help keep moisture in the air and will keep your skin from drying out.